About Simulation of Buildings and HVAC Systems

EFP Uccle
7 september 2016
1645 - 1900

Bijeenkomst van ATIC op 7 september 2016, onze gastspreker is Jean Lebrun, JCJ Energetics

U kan hier alle pdf documenten downloaden die dit onderwerp ondersteunen:

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  • Simulation may help a lot at all stages of a building life cycle: Design, balancing, commissioning, management, audits and retrofits. 
  • Design applications are the best known, but, even at that stage, simulation could be better used in the prediction of actual performances to be expected from different technical options and in order to open to way to satisfactory optimization.
  • Balancing and commissioning requirements appear as less well understood by the different partners. Simulation should help a lot also at this level by supporting correcting and tuning actions, as well as performances verifications.
  • Management opportunities are probably also underestimated by many practitioners: surprisingly, the simulation is still too poorly used at this stage. Powerful computers in charge of this management are too often “sleeping” or dedicated to too elementary tasks. Optimal control and fault detection have still to become common practice.
  • The audit of existing buildings and HVAC systems is today one of the most challenging task all around the world. This task is currently supported by some simulation, but much more has still to be done for a satisfactory diagnosis and a reliable identification of the most promising retrofit opportunities.



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Startdatum 7 september 2016
Startuur 16u45
Einduur 19u00
Locatie EFP Uccle
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